Fyodor Shalyapin in Belgrade 1935, on tour in YUGOSLAVIA

Fjodor Saljapin u BeograduJust to remember that the most famous bass vocal of all ages FYODOR SHALYAPIN was guest of Belgrade in 1935. Here we can see him on the streets in Belgrade near National theatre.

FJODOR ŠALJAPIN je bio gost Beograda i Jugoslavije 1935. godine. Ovde ga vidimo u šetnji Beogradom, blizu narodnog pozorišta sa kolegama i prijateljima. A tek ova slika dole? Fantastična slika celokupnog ansambla NARODNOG POZORIŠTA U BEOGRADU koji je zajedno sa Šaljapinom nastupao u operi Don Kihot davne 1935.


FYODOR SHALYAPIN had performed in DON QUIJOTE, in Belgrade opera in 1935. The ensemble of Belgrade Opera with Mr. Shalyapin are on the picture above! MELANIJA BUGARINOVIĆ was the greatest vocal of that Opera those days and she is standing just behind maestro Shalyapin!


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