PETER GREEN u Beogradu 1983 – PETER GREEN Live in Belgrade

PETER GREEN u Beogradu 1983

Baš je bio smešan čičica uvek ali dobar gitarista.

PETER GREEN 1983 05 30 Beograd


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7 responses to “PETER GREEN u Beogradu 1983 – PETER GREEN Live in Belgrade

  • Gibson

    Meni je Tocak mnogo smesnija pojava od Greena

  • martina

    Zdravo 🙂

    I am doing some research and it could be really helpful if anybody knows where was the concert of Peter Green in Belgrade.

    As well as if anybody knows something more about concert of B.B.King in Belgrade in 1991, let me know!

    Thanks a lot!!!!

  • aktivista

    PETER GREEN was in PINKY HALL, Belgrade in 1983

    B B KING was for several times in Belgrade and YUGOSLAVIA and in 1991 he was in SAVA CENTER in Belgrade in 1991……..

  • martina

    Hvala mnogo! 🙂

    how do you know that? have you been there? is it possible to find somewhere more data about that?
    if yes, let me know!

  • aktivista

    How do I know that?

    Excuse me but on this blog you can find a picture from this concert. I got that picture form the newspapers, or maybe you there think in former YUGOSLAVIA we were living in some kind of gulag?!?!?!?!?!?!? Come on man, THIS SITE IS TAKING CARE OF THAT MATTER.


    Go to tab in the above of this blog with the name of CHRONOLOGY and you will see allt he media I collected from former two YUGOSLAVIAS

  • martina

    hi aktivista 🙂

    no I don’t think you lived in gulag 😀 I was asking for that news where that picture is from. I saw that picture and checked whole blog. What about Peter Green, there is only picture and mentioned year.

    I know the purpouse of this blog and I think it’s great idea!

  • aktivista

    Of course this is great idea. As I can see from you you didnt know PETER GREEN WAS HERE.

    So This picture was original from that concert BECAUSE I TOOK IT FROM SOME ROCK NEWSPAPER at that time.
    You have got the exact hall and date what else you want to know?

    Please refer to the tab above called CHRONOLOGY so you can get all PETER GREEN DATES from these parts of his tours. ALL THE DATES ARE CORRECT be sure of that.

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