Državni akademski hor GLINKA u Beogradu 1926 – The first appearance of famous Soviet choir in YUGOSLAVIA

GLINKA hor prvi put u Beogradu 1926



The Leningrad State Academic Kapella, The Glinka Kapella, was named
after M. I. Glinka and has been called “a grand monument to Russian culture.”
The pearl of Russian pre-revolutionary choral genre,
Kapella has glorified the new art of young a young Soviet Republic.
Through decades of severe trials, the Kapella has perservered and linked
time and tradition to a contemporary culture. Kapella reflects the history
of the origin, formation, and development of the national musical culture as a whole.
–Vladislav Chernushenko, Conductor (from THE OLDEST RUSSIAN CHORUS 1703-1978)


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