NICK CAVE Beograd 1990, SKC – Second time in YUGOSLAVIA

NICK CAVE Beograd 1990 1NICK CAVE Beograd 1990 2

NICK CAVE Beograd 1990 3

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2 responses to “NICK CAVE Beograd 1990, SKC – Second time in YUGOSLAVIA

  • Dule

    Koncert je odrzan 12. Juna 1990 u okviru evropskog dela ‘The Good Son’ turneje. Predhodnog dana su svirali u Ljublajani u Krizankama.
    Band Line up :
    Nick Cave – vocal,keyboards
    Blixa Bargeld – guitar,vocal
    Conway Savage – keyboards,vocal
    Martyn P. Casey – bass
    Thomas Wydler – drums
    Mick Harvey – guitrar
    Set List :
    1. The Mercy Seat
    2. The Withness Song
    3. I’m Gona Kill That Woman
    4. The Weeping Song
    5. Foi Na Cruz
    6. Deanna
    7. The Carny
    8. The Ship Song
    9. The Good Son
    10. City Of Refuge
    11. From Her To Eternity
    12. Black Betty
    13. Tupelo


  • mirajuana011

    Da li neko poznaje Minju, koji je bio fotograf na koncertu Nik Kejva u SKC-u 1990. (u bekstejdzu)?

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